About Us

About Us

Our Story

Here’s a short story.
The story features a large patch of land, COVID-19 and thousands of animals, migrants, daily wage labourers, and rural population.

This year COVID-19 has added onto the problems of labourers and their families belonging to the rural areas. Most of the populace is affected badly and has been disconnected from the urban centres which supplied them with earning opportunities. This pandemic has been the worst for daily wage workers who have minimal to no savings and have been forced to migrate back to their rural homes. At this rate, it’s being predicted that many laborers will suffer the most, with having no resources to earn. This is leading to massive economic downfall, with many rural families losing their livelihoods.

Sounds disturbing isn’t it?

Here’s where the Adrija Foundation enters to change the course of the story.

We at Adrija Foundation are committed to Uplift the rural & tribal population by creating self-sustainable economic opportunities, Prevent soil erosion and save the land for a longer period of time in a sustainable way. Animal Welfare Assisting both skilled & unskilled labor

The trio of all these problems are interlinked. Adrija Foundation is committed to one of the game-changing solutions which we have identified is simple yet has the potential to preserve the local environmental & economical & ecological (EEE Model) system for a long time to come.

This innovative approach lies in mass-scale plantations. Various species of trees have been proven globally to have its intrinsic economical value. In addition to stabilizing soils, these species contribute organic matter, increase fertility, microbial biomass and carbon content of soils as well as help in reducing carbon footprints.

But every plot twist needs an initiative and its own heroes. Adrija Foundation’s PLANT ME project is an ambitious undertaking to not only prevent soil erosion but to also create an economic development plan for rural & tribal communities.

We extend our vision to the level of village communities having a revenue generation model, which is not only sustainable but through which they can realize the intrinsic value of plants, can harvest fully grown plants & trees and create revenue for the rural population.

At the forefront of this initiative is Adrija Foundation which will not only initiate to plant trees but we will look after the plants for three years till these plants are fully grown and handed over to local communities.

Our Mission

Our current mission for 2020 is to plant 60,000 trees around Vadodara and surrounding districts to build a sustainable economic model that can help tribal as well as rural displaced communities due to COVID-19. Our mission for 2021 is to plant 1 million bamboo trees which helps soil erosion & degradation and provides economic opportunities to the rural population with bamboo product manufacturing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the Environmental, Ecological, Economical landscape through determination, persistence & mass-scale participation in our projects.
Founder Profile

Darshan Patel

Architect Entrepreneur, but an Environmentalist First
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So is true in the case of Darshan Patel, Founder, Adrija Foundation. Darshan Patel has forayed into multiple avenues and has proven his mettle in the tough bylanes of businesses across various industries. A highly motivated, result-oriented individual, he has proven ability to innovate in diverse industry lines.

His accumulated experience has proven to be fruitful and he has translated his abilities to channelize it into serving nature & humanity.

He founded & established Adrija Foundation to tackle environmental challenges troubling the sustainability and livelihood of villagers as well as local flora & fauna. His ambitious vision is to plant 2 million trees over the next two years. Along with this, he’s a proponent of free education to underprivileged kids through Adrija Foundation, and is a key promoter of animal welfare.

How Can You Help?

Your participation in the PLANT ME campaign will help in reforestation & generating an economic model for rural people affected by COVID-19.