About Adrija Foundation

Turning hopeful visions into reality

Adrija Foundation is committed to the game-changing solutions which are simple yet have the potential to preserve the ENVIRONMENTAL, ECONOMICAL & ECOLOGICAL (EEE Model) balance for a long time to come.

Our Mission

Our current mission for 2020 is to plant 60,000 trees around Vadodara and surrounding districts to build a sustainable economic model that can help tribal as well as rural displaced communities due to COVID-19. Our mission for 2021 is to plant 1 million bamboo trees which helps soil erosion & degradation and provides economic opportunities to the rural population with bamboo product manufacturing.Ï

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the Environmental, Ecological, Economical landscape through determination, persistence & mass-scale participation in our projects.
PLANT ME Project

We’re On A Mission To Solve
A Range Of Problems

Join us to bring a transformative change throughout

Social Upliftment

Uplift the rural & tribal population by creating self-sustainable economic opportunities.

Prevent Soil Erosion

Prevent soil erosion and save the land for a longer period of time in a sustainable way.

Animal Welfare

Providing ample grazing ground for animals & cattles & caring for them.

Assisting both skilled & unskilled labor

Providing employment opportunities to both skilled and unskilled labour through our PLANT ME initiative.

How Can You Help?

Your participation in the PLANT ME campaign will help in reforestation & generating an economic model for rural people affected by COVID-19.